Is the VR porn industry finally picking up?

For those of you who have been faithfully following this blog (there are a lot of you, we know the industry has enormous potential), you know it has been a matter of slight concern on just when the Rift porn industry would start picking up speed, and give us something great to write home about. While there isn’t a whole lot of new material out there, there are a few fun new things to play around with and we will talk briefly about them in a moment. First I wanted to say that those of you who are wondering what happened to some of our regular posts like the 3dXChat updates we regularly do; given the companies choice to forego supporting the DK2 we weren’t certain whether or not you still wanted to hear about them. We unfortunately forgot about all of you DK1 users that are still out there and neglected […]

Here for a good time.

It’s been a great almost 2 years in the world of Virtual Reality porn (it got invented!). We’ve seen such great startups as go from having just a video or two, to being the host of close to 20 made-for-vr adult entertainment beauties.  We’ve watched the awesome massively-multiplayer and highly arousing 3DXChat game go from a humble announcement that they are building in Oculus Rift support, to seeing it through to reality and giving us all a place to call our horny home away from home.  We’ve watched teledildonics go from being an other obscurity in the realm of weird sex gimmicks to being an almost household name (well at least amongst Oculus Rift users who care about sex); and we’ve even had a scare or two with Facebook acquiring Oculus VR as well as a few of our biggest hopes come crashing to the ground; in the form of […]

A brief look at the history of VR Porn

It’s the future, no doubt about it.  Automated vehicles, 3d printed body parts (that sounds like it could have some rather naughty but weird implications in the future) and Virtual Reality are all likely here to stay.  Luckily for us, automobiles and medicine are far from the only things to undergo big leaps in evolution; and porn is no exception. So just how did it all start?  Though we haven’t found any evidence of neanderthals carving naughty pictures in stone whilst hiding from Saber-tooth tigers in the torchlight of a cave yet, pornography does date back a very long time indeed, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise; We are all human after all, and have been for a little while; and being a human comes with certain needs. So without further ado, I give to you a brief look at the history of VR Porn (forgive me if I […]

Who is going to fill the VR Porn big-boots now?

It’s been a great year so far for VR, with literally many hundreds of Rift ready demos available (thousands?), a small handful of VR mobility solutions seeing their humble beginnings, and a brand new shiny Rift model in the form of the nice and crisp looking Crystal Cove. However as great as that is, all of us would be Rift surfers searching for the wonderful primum mobile of VR porn are unfortunately still dealing with some somewhat scantily laid pickings. With newcomer VR porn makers rising up in the scene like I can hardly accuse the fresh genre of being completely devoid in it’s productions to date, but where are the big projects that should be there to fill the void that Sinful Robot and Wicked Paradise have left? One promising hopeful that I had entirely forgotten up until today (shame on me, because it looks amazing) could turn out […] – A great time to be a Virtual Reality Porn user indeed!

It’s a wonderful time to be a Virtual Reality HMD owner, and an even more wonderful time to be a Virtual Reality HMD owner looking for XXX Virtual Reality porn videos. If, since the beginning of this new VR craze, you’ve found that you’re daily purpose includes feverishly looking up VR Porn Movies and you’ve been coming up short (don’t worry, we all have), expect yourself to be pleasantly surprised for your needs are being met with a great new video service ala After spending a good amount of time checking out their very new, and easy to navigate website, I have come to the conclusion that this is one VR porn provider that truly seems dedicated to bringing us all quality Virtual Reality porn at an affordable price. Preliminary access is listed at just under 6€ (about $8.20 US) for the first half-month, making the OculusRealPorn service one […]