Is The Lower Price Of Oculus Rift Enough To Get People To Try Virtual Reality

Everyone nowadays from 5 year old kids and up have a cell phone or tablet that gives them access to the internet and unlimited amounts of information. Youtube, Facebook and Snapchat has captured everyone’s attention so that no one lives off interconnected internet anymore. Virtual reality has been slowing making it’s way to mainstream but hasn’t really picked up enough to not be called a fad. A lot of that is changing with the backing of big companies expanding the reach and capabilities that virtual reality has. You can now explore museums, space and even do surgery in virtual reality so the possibilities of virtual reality are limitless. The problem as of now is that there is not enough content and things to do to justify some of the prices that it costs to get started with virtual reality. If you have a cell phone or tablet you can strap […]

53 Oculus Rift titles will support Touch controllers at launch

We’re less than a week away from the December 6th release of the long-awaited Oculus Touch controllers, and it looks like lucky Rift owners will have plenty of reasons to use them. Oculus just announced that they’ll be launching with 53 supported titles. That includes existing games like The Climb and Job Simulator, as well as new entries like the magic multiplayer fest The Unspoken and the graffiti simulator Kingspray. Check out our coverage of those games, along with plenty of other intriguing Oculus Touch titles, from the company’s developer conference last month. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg Looking ahead to 2017, Oculus says we can expect titles like Robo Recall, Arkitka.1 and Giant Cop: Justice Above. The company also revealed that its demo title Toybox will also be available for free when the Touch Controllers launch. That’ll join Medium, Quill and Dead and Buried among the free titles Oculus is offering, […]

Has Oculus introduced the holy grail of VR Porn gaming?

Ah, E3. The Electronics Entertainment Expo. There isn’t a single video game geek out there in the world that doesn’t look forward to this time every year with rapt enthusiasm waiting with baited breath for the coolest new games and gaming devices to be announced, and rarely (if ever) does it disappoint. This year however, with consumer VR just on the horizon, has proven to be a little more exciting than most; and with Oculus founder Palmer Luckey having finally revealed what the company has been working on as a solution to VR input, and while some people may not agree (check out this article on how Iribe told Nathan Grayson from Kotaku that touch is built for games and not designed for adult experiences) we think it looks to be pretty exciting for VR Porn lovers (aka: the readers of this blog) as well! Dubbed “HalfMoon” throughout its development phase, Oculus Touch is […]