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OculusRealPorn.com – Easter update!

Spring has sprung and sex is in the air and the beautiful girls from OculusRealPorn.com are looking better than ever. Now that they have steady cam support and nausea is no longer a part of the equation, the VR stunners are there to watch in all of their virtual glory (holes) the way they were meant to be watched, sans Rift sickness. Since last we seen, the team has been a busy bunch working hard (and humping hard) creating new Oculus Rift Porn videos; and as promised they have delivered. With a…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games Uncategorized VR 3D sex and porn 

DK2 is announced! – Oculus Rift Pornography get’s an upgrade!!

What a stimulating mid-week this has been! First, yesterday Sony makes it’s GDC announcement unveiling to the public their PS4 VR headset, project morpheus, which at the very least promises to continue to drive the Virtual Reality evolution into the homes and minds of consumers everywhere (which is a very good thing). Then last night I see that Veiviev has finally released a (long awaited) VR demo titled “lucid-dreams” (more on that later, the program is still in beta and I am having login issues atm), and to top off the…

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