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Call to arms – a fight for the future of Oculus Rift Porn freedom.

With Palmer Luckey working hard to alleviate fears and the dust finally beginning to settle since the announcement of Facebook’s acquisition of our beloved progenitor of the VR revolution, it’s not hard for a person to want to just sit back and tell themselves that all is well in the world of VR, and in our case the world of VR Porn. There is plenty of speculation abound however and not all of it necessarily unfounded, that the Oculus Rift will eventually find itself closed down to a marketplace where…

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Facebook acquires Oculus – what does this mean for VR Porn?

So if you haven’t heard the message yet, it’s been an interesting day in the world of all things Oculus Rift. With news abound that our beloved progenitor of the worlds best Virtual Reality device has sold out to Facebook for the tidy some of 2 billion, the Virtual Reality world is in a tizzy; and rightfully so. While I missed my chance to back the Rift on Kickstarter, I was an early pre-order reserving my spot in line in March 2013, and I have to say I’m not quite…

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