A Day With Elsa Jean and Piper Perri

When it’s time to eat finding something to eat takes a long time. You decide that you are hungry then you take forever trying to figure out what to eat.  The options are endless and you are trying to pinpoint what it is you have a taste for. Selecting porn takes just as long. You have to choose your  taste in porn and then narrow that down even more. What is exciting about the videos that lifeselector.com gives us is that they do a lot of this for us. They take what we like and make it into an adventure. Watching porn has become more of an adventure now that we have more of a choice in what we get to see. The newest selection of the girlfriend experience at lifeselector.com is a beautiful piece of artwork. A day with Elsa Jean & step-sister, Piper Perri featuring Piper Perri, Elsa […]

Interactive Porn Is Even More Awesome With Virtual Reality

Let’s just say this and get it out the way. I love porn. I do. I have been watching it for years. Even after I have sex with my girlfriend I still have the habit of watching porn. Now that porn comes in virtual reality I love it even more. To me the woman’s body is just a beautiful thing and I can’t help but admire it. The advancements in vr porn has made me love porn even more. I do have to admit that I like what I like and have the tendency to fast forward and skip around the videos to find what I want. I know I am not the only one and that is why some of the makers of vr porn have started to make interactive porn. I can’t wait for this genre to  expand even more but for now let’s get to the list. […]

LifeSelector And Janice Griffith Do It Again

One of the most watched porn stars at LifeSelector.com is Janice Griffith. I can definitely see why. She really can get your heart racing. This new video is filled with great content that will immerse you into loving virtual reality porn even more. Many people across North America got to enjoy a snow day today. All the more reason to strap on your vr headset and check out the new content starring one of my favorite porn stars Janice Giffith. This latest title is called A Day With Janice Griffith and Friends. It includes Cassidy Klein and Elsa Jean. These two girls are just as exciting in this video. If you have a stroker or masturbator to heighten the sensations you will surely love this new video. Video scenario: Laughter, fun and an insatiable hunger for sex. Just some of the things Janice Griffith has to offer you for the […]

The best interactive porn today?

Lifeselector.com is one of the hottest interactive porn sites out there today (although not virtual…..yet). It is the ‘choose your own (sex) adventure” of interactive porn. It is one that has won numerous awards and is not slowing down at all in their pursuant of interactive porn dominance. New interactive shows are out daily and weekly and they have arguably the hottest models out there. These guys have been around a while, but they just continue to bring out hot and extremely interactive shows where you’re in control of all the action. The name doesn’t lie- live the sexual life you choose, one, two or three girls at a time. Just try to resist! There are shows added all of the time and everything ranging from the Milf Therapist to your Sexy secretary or even those Hot (and slutty) College girls.  There is no shortage of selection here whether you […]