VirtualPorn360 shows us what 360 degrees can do for immersion

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When you think of Virtual Reality, it is likely that one of the first things that pops into your head is putting on your headset and suddenly an image of a 3D scene suddenly unfolds itself before you in such a fashion that it is almost as if you were in the real world. While that is what the majority of VR experiences tend to be like, did you know that you can have a very compelling experience in VR without stereoscopy? Or that filming VR Video in 2Dimensions, can be a tradeoff netting both higher quality and a lack of motion sickness? VirtualPorn360 is one such company that chooses not to utilize 3D filming in its virtual reality porn movies. And while you don’t get that “3D feeling” that the depth of a good stereoscopic VR experience gives you, the higher visual quality of the scenes (you can see every […]