Why The Fleshlight Is Still Such A Great Toy For Masturbation

I know that the fleshlight has been around for quite some time. So has masturbation and we all still like to do that too. I know personally I have been masturbating for a long time and still enjoy it. The fleshlight has evolved in so many ways since it’s humble beginnings. They cam out with the vstroker attachment that allows you to control some porn videos so the action in the videos will be up to you. Their newest attachment for the fleshlight makes it a contender in the world of virtual reality sex toys. The fleshlight launch launched today and it is nothing short of awesome. The fleshlight company continues to make masturbating fun by adding new attachments all the time. One of the fun things that they do is add special made fleshlights that are shaped in the style of your favorite pornstars. You already love watching the […]

Move over sex robots – we can hump our iPads instead!

Just when you thought things in the VR Sex/Teledildonic world couldn’t get any more interesting, in comes the newest offering from Fleshlight, the company that brought you such screwable wonders as Fleshlight Freaks (think aliens and monsters), Fleshlight Blade (a humpable sword hilt) and Sex in a Can.  If you’ve ever looked at your iPad (preferably while watching porn) and thought “hey, I’d like to fuck that” and meant your iPad and not the girl on the screen, then you’re in for a treat, because now you can! The Fleshlight LaunchPAD is a durable and expandable rubber enclosure for Apple co.’s line of tablets which allows you to affix a fleshlight sex-toy to the back of the device and thrust away, presumably while you are watching pornography (or talking to your hot Mother-In-Law);  And while it’s definitely a little aesthetically different than anything we’ve ever seen before, after letting our […]