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CV1 Birth Pains? Oculus makes up in the sweetest of ways.

If you’ve been following the latest in VR news with even rudimentary interest over the course of the last few months, you will know that this is a key moment for Oculus as their flagship HMD, the Rift, is growing past its roots as a DevKit and undergoing its first consumer launch. Now I don’t think there is a product launch on the planet that has gone without at least a couple of hiccups along the way, especially when you are dealing with a company as fresh to the game…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games Uncategorized VR 3D sex and porn 

Has Oculus introduced the holy grail of VR Porn gaming?

Ah, E3. The Electronics Entertainment Expo. There isn’t a single video game geek out there in the world that doesn’t look forward to this time every year with rapt enthusiasm waiting with baited breath for the coolest new games and gaming devices to be announced, and rarely (if ever) does it disappoint. This year however, with consumer VR just on the horizon, has proven to be a little more exciting than most; and with Oculus founder Palmer Luckey having finally revealed what the company has been working on as a solution…

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