The  anticipated debut has arrived as has gone live as of May 11th. Following a few hiccups, the site appears to be running smoothly. is aiming to be the biggest adult only crowd funding site. A site aimed solely at the adult entertainment industry, we hope that more funding will be directed towards virtual reality and teledildonic area of the adult industry. Other crowdfunding sites like have helped fund some great VR ideas/films/technology as well as adult products (AutoBlow2) , but this site should provide a more direct spot to be noticed for those looking to support the virtual reality in the adult context. That being said, there will undoubtedly be a ton of miscellaneous shit that you will need to flog through- cam girls, boob jobs, porn everything, etc. Regardless there will definitely be some gems produced on this site over time. Since the site has been live only a couple weeks, there are […]