BaDoink VR Porn on PS4

  Trends with Benefits Let’s be honest here for a second; “Batman Arkham VR” is not the only reason you’re thinking about hooking up the PlayStation VR system to your PS4. When VHS came out, we used it to watch porn. We did the same thing with DVDs, Blu-Rays, our first iPhone and tablet computers and we’re going to do it again on our PlayStations. Humankind was scratching naked chicks onto the walls of limestone caves 13.000 years ago, and we sure as hell aren’t going to stop depicting boobs in the Space Age. Resistance is futile. Thankfully BadoinkVR has already taken that first giant leap for humanity by providing the necessary Virtual Reality smut. All you have to do now is figure out how to correctly set up your PSVR in order to turn your PlayStation into a PS “Plus.” And no, we’re not talking about Sony’s premium subscription […]

Move over VRP, there are some new players in town!

What a wonderful year for VR Porn this has been so far! Not only have we had a steady stream of smaller demos flooding in (mostly from the Reddit community) and consistent updates from the ever-faithful to keep us busy in HMD-Porn-Heaven, but two more big players have stepped into the Adult VR Movie genre as well. Popular Adult company Badoink have recently launched their new premium subscription service, BadoinkVR (even throwing in a free smartphone VR viewer ala Google Cardboard, via their sponsored website; and Porn Giant Naughty America has gotten into the game with their VR Porn debut scene, starring Nikki Benz and Jaclyn Taylor, “2 Chicks Same Time” which can be found for free here (with more scenes being available here); and the promise of weekly updates by the owner of the site. Both services produce high-quality content and have the advantage of being well established names in the […]