3dx chat preview

Everybody needs a place where they feel accepted. Where they can talk freely and say the things they want. Even act out the things that they think about. Talking about porn even just about sex seems to be pretty frowned upon in most public places. I can’t go to my workplace or a cafe and just openly talk about the kind of sex that I am into. We all have something different that we type into the search box when we are looking at porn. The people over at Sex Game Devil have put together the perfect place for true porn lovers to get together and connect. Let’s be honest, we all wish that we could share our sexual fantasies with someone else. 3DX Chat is the perfect online hangout for people who love porn. This is just not 3D porn or a porn game. This is an experience. You […]

3DX Chat updates May 2015

3DX Chat is an online multiplayer adult virtual game. It’s been around for a few years now and is constantly evoloving by frequently adding new content, new features including virtual scheduled events , more users and a growing online adult community. We’ve covered 3DX Chat for quite a while and are happy to see them continually progress. If you haven’t been following 3DX Chat, you might not know that they are both Oculus and Fleshlight/v-stroker compatible (Currently only DK1 compatible, but should be DK2 very soon). Here’s a recent promo shot Personally, that dude doesn’t sell me on this. But I do like the enhanced virtual experience of the combination of the Oculus with the Fleshlight/v-stroker. It’s currently one of the best options. More games seem to be going this route at this stage. Tenga Falcon or one of the many more automated options currently in development stage combined with the Oculus or other headset is the next stage I can’t […]