Kim Kardashian Naked and Horny in VR

[corner-ad id=1]We have all heard about the sex tape with Kim Kardashian and Ray J that made Kim famous. It is still floating around on the internet to this day. Now you can watch her in virtual reality. Ok it is not the real Kim K but it may just be the next best thing. We have celebrity look alike sex dolls so why not have celebrity look alike porn stars. Actually we have that too. Now we have it with virtual reality. The good people over at Vivid is expanding into the world of virtual reality. So far all they have is a Kim Kardashian look alike but they have plans to roll out more videos at the end of the month.  Let’s be real here. At some point in time we have all let the thought cross our mind that I would love to be deep in Kim […]

PrimaVR is giving hologram actors a pulse

“It’s alive!” shouts Anton Bailey, while clutching virtual reality controllers that enable him to feel a hologram actress. Softly holding his hand next to the actress’ bare skin, Bailey can even sense her heart beat, conveyed by the controller’s subtle vibration. Poking the holograms results in a stronger feedback, as one would expect. Tech startup PrimaVR’s virtual reality software is the first in the world to provide haptic feedback to hologram videos. Bailey, a spokesperson for PrimaVR, applauds the achievement, “This is groundbreaking development in immersive entertainment. Sense of touch is the final frontier of virtual reality, and we have taken the initial steps to deliver tactile sensations via hologram video recordings.” Previously virtual reality videos have been strictly passive experiences, where one can only observe events with their eyes and ears. Thanks to PrimaVR’s software development efforts, you can now enter inside a hologram video that is made tangible […]

Alcatel Idol 4S and VR – Is it too late?

Alcatel in the US market has been known to be one of the lower end Android phones that companies enticed you with to switch to their cellular company. Alcatel has really started to make a name for itself and try to distinguish itself from the low end crowd and try to play with the big boys. Not quite a Samsung or LG but Alcatel has really started to shine. Their newest addition to the Android family is the Idol 4S. This phone can be bought separately or with a package deal including the Alcatel VR headset. The vr headset is designed to work only with the Alcatel Idol 4S so just like the Samsung VR you have to have one of their phones to use the headset. The phone itself features a 5.5 inch screen so there is a lot of space for display and is pretty even in size […]

Free Trans Virtual Reality Video

When you do a lot searching online for things you it can be rare that you find exactly what you are looking for right away. Sometimes you have to search through pages and pages of search results to get what you want. How about I give you what you what been looking for right here without looking through numerous pages. Want to get into virtual reality porn and need a sample of what you might be getting. We all have our different tastes when it comes to porn but I know there is a growing number of people who are fascinated by the world of transsexual porn. It’s the best of both worlds for man and woman. So today I will tell you how you can get a free video of virtual reality trans porn. Our friends over at Virtual Real Trans is giving away a free video to help […]

Adult World 3D Is A Virtual Reality Dream

Looking to get some porn action in 3D but you want a little bit more control. How about if you could write and direct your own 3D porn either by yourself or with a group. Adult World 3D is a virtual reality dream. If the existing content over at Adult World 3D isn’t to your taste, you can create your own hot sex poses, outfits, sex toys, sequences and much more. Adult World 3D is the first sex game in the world that gives users an ability to control and customize just about anything! You can create a girl of your dreams and then fuck her all night long in any way you want! You can even shoot your own fantasy movies and save it to your computer! Make your wildest fantasies come true and relive them over and over. It doesn’t matter if you are  watching this spectacular porn with […]

All I Want For Christmas Is VR Porn

Porn has gotten better and better as the time pasts. The technological advances that have past has brought us to today. Today we can watch porn in 3D anywhere we choose. That 3D porn can virtually feel real. I for one love sex. All kinds of sex and lots of it. With virtual reality porn I can expand my adventures of sex to a whole new level. Look at this way. If a book can expand your mind then how much more can a simulated environment do for you. When I say simulated I mean porn in my face through virtual reality. The Oculus Rift has finally hit the mainstream but for those who cannot shell out $600 for one there is an alternative.  The Samsung VR runs on the Oculus platform. You will not get the full experience that the Oculus can deliver but you can still enjoy the […]

1 in 10 Women Interested in Virtual Reality Sex

More than one in ten women are interested in having virtual reality sex, according to a new report. 40% of the 2,618 British women interviewed also believed that technology in the future will make sexual activity more “enjoyable,” while 15% admitted to currently using dating or hookup apps. “Future technologies, like advanced wearable tech, virtual reality, intelligent sex toys and artificial skin, are becoming part of our everyday lives and redefining the way we enjoy sex,” said Dr Elina Berglund, co-founder of Natural Cycles, who conducted the survey. The survey also revealed that 63% of women between the ages of 17 and 50 use, or would like to use, a sex toy, while 20% expressed interest in using social media for sexual arousal. In an interview with The Japan Times, adult video maker Kento Yoshida claimed that “VR is the best way to satisfy” sexual needs. “It will give us a […]

How to watch VR porn with google cardboard

WATCH GOOGLE CARDBOARD VR PORN VIDEOS What is Google Carboard? Offered by Google, the Google Cardboard is a VR Porn headset powered up by two lenses to watch 360 VR porn videos directly on your Smartphone. This device is available all over the market but if purchased on Google’s website, you can get to customize them according to your preferences for free. What are the pros of watching VR Porn on Google Cardboard? +VR Cardboard is compatible with most of Android or iOS Smartphones of 4 and 6 inches +It is a low cost device made by recycled paper and plastic lenses. +Available and easily accessible on the local and global market (even possible to make your own) +Easy to assemble following the instructions. You also have the possibility to buy it already set up in the assembled kit +Easy to use since you only need to download the VR applications and scan the […]

VR Porn Is The Best Way To Satisfy Sexual Needs

Kento Yoshida, the president of “adult video maker” VRG and the organizer of a virtual reality event that took place in Tokyo in June, claimed in an interview that VR is “the best way to satisfy” customers’ sexual needs. “It was unexpected. But it proved that many people have expectations for VR adult content” said Yoshida following his event, that saw a big crowd interested in VR adult content. “At that time, people didn’t really know what VR was… so I thought that adult content would be the most catchy topic to use to get people more familiarized with VR.” “VR is the best way to satisfy their sexual needs,” he continued. “It will give us a new option in our sexual life. Getting a new option itself is great.” The Japan Times, who hosted the interview, also wrote that “if people harbor a desire for abnormal or illicit sex, fulfilling that desire […]

How to watch VR porn on HTC Vive

What is HTC Vive device? We will introduce you to the perfect virtual reality headset for 360 VR porn videos: the VR Porn HTC Vive device. Created by HTC in collaboration with Valve, the HTC Vive provides you with a resolution of 2160 x 1200 pixels, which means that you get to watch a bigger image compared to other devices. With its 37 sensors (only on the headset, in total there are 70) and its two wireless infrared cameras, HTC Vive glasses track all your movements. It is a revolution! You will be able to physically move in the virtual reality world. Imagine how it can be to interact with your favorite porn actress and move around her! What are the pros of watching 360 VR Porn on HTC Vive device? + It Requires 4GB of RAM and 2 display ports instead of 8 GB of RAM and 4 USB ports for Oculus Rift […]