Everywhere you turn these days you will see something about super heroes or bad guys. They are in your cereal, in your meals when you go out to eat and almost every commercial break on tv. The new Wonder Woman movie just came out and the characters are sexy enough so you know the porn parody for that will be coming soon. Truthfully I can’t wait for that. Porn in itself is a great thing to behold but the parodies are really something. Virtual reality porn already transports you to another world but the parody porn takes you even further. You really have to admire the porn studios for going the extra mile to find  a star the closely resembles the real characters from the movie. VR Cosplay X has put together a new parody for the Suicide Squad movie featuring Harley Quinn. At some point in time we have […]

Assassin’s Breed Is Way Better Than Assassin’s Creed Movie

When a new movie comes out the porn industry always makes a parody to go with it. These parodies often times are really great to watch since you can satisfy your fantasies of having sex with the characters through the videos. VR Cosplay X has come out with a new video that will really get the blood flowing. The cosplay genre is growing everyday along with virtual reality so the VR Cosplay X website is a must for everyone. Assassins Breed is a parody on Assassins Creed that was just recently released on home video for blu ray, dvd and digital format. Jade Presley is the star of the video and she plays the scene very well. Most vr porn videos are between 15 and 20 minutes but this video comes in at 30 minutes of pure action. Video details:     You’ve been captured and are being kept in […]