Interactive Porn Is Even More Awesome With Virtual Reality

Let’s just say this and get it out the way. I love porn. I do. I have been watching it for years. Even after I have sex with my girlfriend I still have the habit of watching porn. Now that porn comes in virtual reality I love it even more. To me the woman’s body is just a beautiful thing and I can’t help but admire it. The advancements in vr porn has made me love porn even more. I do have to admit that I like what I like and have the tendency to fast forward and skip around the videos to find what I want. I know I am not the only one and that is why some of the makers of vr porn have started to make interactive porn. I can’t wait for this genre to ¬†expand even more but for now let’s get to the list. […]

Horrifying VR Film Places You In A Automotive Crash

If you learned how to drive in the US, there’s a good probability you suffered through Red Asphalt -the famously gory driver’s ed movie the California Highway Patrol has been making and remaking since the 60s. Now the time-honored tradition of scaring teenagers into staying sober behind the wheel with grotesque pictures has taken on a brand new dimension: virtual reality. Diageo, the British liquor firm that owns Johnnie Walker, Baileys, and Guinness, has tapped VR tech to convey the dangers of drunk driving with an additional dose of drama. Choices puts you inside three automobiles destined for a deadly encounter late at evening on a stretch of rural street. A pair on their first date after having a child, three twenty-somethings heading to a celebration, and Sam, a younger girl leaving a bar after a gathering that included bottle service. The corporate plans to roll out its full setup-complete […]