VR Porn Is The Best Way To Satisfy Sexual Needs

Kento Yoshida, the president of “adult video maker” VRG and the organizer of a virtual reality event that took place in Tokyo in June, claimed in an interview that VR is “the best way to satisfy” customers’ sexual needs. “It was unexpected. But it proved that many people have expectations for VR adult content” said Yoshida following his event, that saw a big crowd interested in VR adult content. “At that time, people didn’t really know what VR was… so I thought that adult content would be the most catchy topic to use to get people more familiarized with VR.” “VR is the best way to satisfy their sexual needs,” he continued. “It will give us a new option in our sexual life. Getting a new option itself is great.” The Japan Times, who hosted the interview, also wrote that “if people harbor a desire for abnormal or illicit sex, fulfilling that desire […]