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Vrcosplayx Ruining Your Childhood And Making Adulthood Better

Everyone has an opinion on whether porn is a good or bad thing. If it helps relationships or destroys them? If it degrades what one has for expectations when it comes to sex? To me that is all your opinion no different than your opinion on drugs and alcohol. It works for some and not for others. I do know that I love porn. Recently during a conversation with a friend we were talking about how our kids played outside and the use of the kids imagination when they played.…

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Virtual Reality Virtual Reality Porn 

Cosplay For VR Oh My

BadoinkVR has done it again. They continue to be an innovator in the vr of world of porn. BadoinkVR has been one of the original sites to get your vr porn from and now they are making it even better. While having a conversation with a friend the other day he mentions to me that is into hentai porn. Everyone has their fetish and their needs when it comes to porn. Now you can fulfill another fetish with cosplay vr porn. Time to watch beautiful women give it to you…

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