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$200 Wireless Headset For Oculus Rift Planned For 2018

Looking to expand your play on the Oculus Rift but do not like the cord? Facebook is gearing up to reveal a standalone Oculus virtual reality headset later this year, with a ship date of sometime in 2018. The headset will work without requiring a tethered PC or smartphone, according to the report, and will be branded with the Oculus name around the world, except in China, where it’ll carry the Xiaomi trade dress and run some Xiaomi software as part of a partnership that extends to manufacturing plans for the…

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The Race Is On To Feel Your Way Through Virtual Reality

  We can say that virtual reality has a pretty good leg to stand on right now. From the beginning things were shaky as to how the future of virtual reality would hold up. Many people still argue that it’s just a fad and will blow over. Everyday there are new technologies created to boost virtual reality more and more into the future. College campuses now use virtual reality to recruit students, museums offer private tours with virtual reality headsets. You can take a virtual vacation to get away from…

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