Lisa Ann Oh How Much We Adore You

If you don’t know who the very sexy Lisa Ann is you must have been living under a rock lately. She is such a star that she not only commands the screen in porn she is even a director. There are plenty of ¬†websites out that hosts this beauty showcasing how fantastic she is in action. For the fans looking to get a little closer on the action with the lovely Lisa Ann,¬†fleshlight has their very own specially made Lisa Ann fleshlight to keep you company while you watch her in action in all of your favorite porn movies. The vstroker attachment for the fleshlight makes this Lisa Ann experience even better when you add that to the mix. With the vstroker attachment you to get to become the director and control every stroke that happens. If you head over to the vstroker store you could acquire specially made videos […]

Interactive Porn Is Even More Awesome With Virtual Reality

Let’s just say this and get it out the way. I love porn. I do. I have been watching it for years. Even after I have sex with my girlfriend I still have the habit of watching porn. Now that porn comes in virtual reality I love it even more. To me the woman’s body is just a beautiful thing and I can’t help but admire it. The advancements in vr porn has made me love porn even more. I do have to admit that I like what I like and have the tendency to fast forward and skip around the videos to find what I want. I know I am not the only one and that is why some of the makers of vr porn have started to make interactive porn. I can’t wait for this genre to ¬†expand even more but for now let’s get to the list. […]