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Teaching Could Be The Best Profession

Now that school has started back a lot of parents have rejoiced so much that they need a vacation from themselves. By rejoicing most of us parents have just found time to have more sex in all of the places in the house you couldn’t with kids around. Now teaching is a hard profession that is usually very stressful and under appreciated. I always try to help out at the local schools and contribute during fundraisers. The days of older teachers being as old as your grandparents seem to be…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games VR 3D sex and porn 

The next level of Oculus Rift Porn awesomeness.

So we all remember that staple of our earlier computer games, you know just when graphics were getting good?  The interactive movie game experience was one of the things that made PC gaming really stand out above the rest, and still continues to this day.  We have thought about (and blogged about) all sorts of interesting ideas regarding VR, but how cool would it be to play through a XXX version of a game like Night Trap or 7th guest in Virtual Reality? I would believe the production costs for such…

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