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One Step Closer To Touch In Vr?

Virtual reality is a great invention that lets us experience sound and visual impressions – yet it completely lacks the feeling of touch! TACTAI company decided to change that and created the world’s first engine for wearable devices and touch screens that enables users to touch, feel and interact with virtual objects with life-like realism. TACTAI’s invention could possibly lead to a new generation of VR goggles offering a brand new level of immersion in VR porn and games! This may be a great change for the VR Porn world – possibility of experiencing…

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Interactive Porn Virtual Reality 

The Race Is On To Feel Your Way Through Virtual Reality

  We can say that virtual reality has a pretty good leg to stand on right now. From the beginning things were shaky as to how the future of virtual reality would hold up. Many people still argue that it’s just a fad and will blow over. Everyday there are new technologies created to boost virtual reality more and more into the future. College campuses now use virtual reality to recruit students, museums offer private tours with virtual reality headsets. You can take a virtual vacation to get away from…

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