Yanks VR – All Women VR Porn Filmed By Women

The Oculus Rift just made their one year anniversary of their official release to the public and we couldn’t be more excited. The virtual reality world continues to grow everyday and with it the world of virtual reality porn continues to grow as well. Porn in itself has opened many doors to everyone and technology such as the internet has paved the way for lots of people not only to enjoy porn but to capitalize on it’s success as well. Yanks VR is a very nice and welcoming site to world of virtual reality porn. All of the videos at Yanks VR have just women starring in them and everyone of them is filmed by women as well. Women being filmed while women are watching. Sounds exciting just to say it. One of the videos over at Yanks VR won an AVN in 2017 for best VR scene. Here is […]

Virtualxporn Bringing All New Genres To VR Porn

Everyday I am all over the internet looking for new porn to bring to the readers and everyday I get wrapped up for hours finding new stuff to write about.  I get excited all the time because I find something new that I want to write about. Today is another day like that. I found some very nice be porn that I would love to show the readers. We all have our niches that that we are into and I view it all with an open mind. So we have all kinds of vr porn to look at right now but do we have the genre of pregnant women doing all the things that we love. We do now. Virtualxporn.com has opened up the gates to a whole new genre of porn that will occupy much of my time just like someone else’s. I love women. I love them short, […]

VR Bangers Commits To Bringing You More VR Porn

VR Bangers is an upcoming vr porn site that continues to progress all the time. They recently made the decision to start releasing 2 new videos a week. If they are true to this method than that will be 104 videos a year. That would make them the biggest vr porn site around. They now have 80+ videos that can be viewed over at vrbangers.com. The videos featured at VR Bangers host some of the most erotic content with some of the hottest porn stars to date like Riley Reid, Dillon Harper and more. Just because this site might not have as many videos right now as some of the other vr porn sites available does not mean that they aren’t a force to be reckoned with. VR Bangers was just featured on Playboy TV. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=16&v=n1UtY7sswUw All of the videos are filmed for viewing in 3D or 4K HD.  The […]