1 in 10 Women Interested in Virtual Reality Sex

More than one in ten women are interested in having virtual reality sex, according to a new report. 40% of the 2,618 British women interviewed also believed that technology in the future will make sexual activity more “enjoyable,” while 15% admitted to currently using dating or hookup apps. “Future technologies, like advanced wearable tech, virtual reality, intelligent sex toys and artificial skin, are becoming part of our everyday lives and redefining the way we enjoy sex,” said Dr Elina Berglund, co-founder of Natural Cycles, who conducted the survey. The survey also revealed that 63% of women between the ages of 17 and 50 use, or would like to use, a sex toy, while 20% expressed interest in using social media for sexual arousal. In an interview with The Japan Times, adult video maker Kento Yoshida claimed that “VR is the best way to satisfy” sexual needs. “It will give us a […]

How to watch VR porn with google cardboard

WATCH GOOGLE CARDBOARD VR PORN VIDEOS What is Google Carboard? Offered by Google, the Google Cardboard is a VR Porn headset powered up by two lenses to watch 360 VR porn videos directly on your Smartphone. This device is available all over the market but if purchased on Google’s website, you can get to customize them according to your preferences for free. What are the pros of watching VR Porn on Google Cardboard? +VR Cardboard is compatible with most of Android or iOS Smartphones of 4 and 6 inches +It is a low cost device made by recycled paper and plastic lenses. +Available and easily accessible on the local and global market (even possible to make your own) +Easy to assemble following the instructions. You also have the possibility to buy it already set up in the assembled kit +Easy to use since you only need to download the VR applications and scan the […]