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Valentine’s Day Is All About Couples and Toys

Valentine’s day is all about shacking up with your boo, your bae or whatever you call your significant other. After all of the sweet wining and dining everyone is trying to end up back home to shack up. If you don’t give your significant other or your date a good time you can bet that shacking up is out of the question and you will hear about it for some time to come. The days of just giving someone you liked a store bought card and a small shaped heart with be mine are over unless you are still in elementary school. It is now time to bring out the big guns.

If you are into virtual reality you probably already know that your favorite sex toys are compatible with some virtual reality porn videos. Did you also know that those same toys can be used to stimulate your lover in the same room or from far away via bluetooth connection. Dildos and vibrators are still great to use but now that technology has advanced so has our sexual appetites.

Two of the biggest couple sex toys makers on the market are Kiiroo and Lovense. They both have created a male masturbator as well as a female vibrator that are compatible with each other to stimulate both partners at the same time. Yes regular sex is great but adding some interactive sex toys only increases the enjoyment. What is nice about these two sets of couple sex toys is that they can also be used together if the couples are not in the same location. With the hectic schedules that we live now this is wonderful news. So if for some reason couples are not able to physically be in the same space you can link these sex toys to each other and rock out valentine’s day still.

Kiiroo Comparisson chart

Kiiroo has kicked it off and taken the lead when in comes to couple sesx toys. Lovense is really the only competition right now and hopefully they can catch up to what Kiiroo has to offer. Withe the recent introduction of the Fleshlight Launch, Esca and Ohmibod Fuse there are many different combinations that Kiiroo offers for couple play. These couple sex toys can even be coupled together in virtual reality so you can experience even more pleasure with your partner.

Lovense does a great job of showing how their couple sex toys interact with each other. Even if you aren’t using the toys together you can still have amazing fun by yourself. Why waste money on chocolates, balloons or eating out when you can go splurge for something that is going to last a while. Maybe even longer than the relationship. Let’s cross our fingers and hope that last statement isn’t true.

When it comes to price tag Lovense toys come in at a lower price tag of about $190 for the set. Grabbing a couples set form Kiiroo will cost you about $279 to $330. If you use coupon code: UltraSexy at checkout with Kiiroo you will be granted an extra 15% discount on all purchases over $50 until March 30th 2018. Lovense does only make products for themselves while Kiiroo also makes products for Fleshlight as well. When it comes to extra benefits the Kiiroo sets have added functionality that will be sure to increase your experience.

Whatever set you choose to grab for you and your partner you are looking at having one of the most exciting Valentine’s Days ever when you add a couple sex toy set into the mix.

Order Kiiroo products here. Order Lovense products here.

Kiiroo Couples' set - Onyx2 and Pearl2

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