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Teaching Could Be The Best Profession

Now that school has started back a lot of parents have rejoiced so much that they need a vacation from themselves. By rejoicing most of us parents have just found time to have more sex in all of the places in the house you couldn’t with kids around. Now teaching is a hard profession that is usually very stressful and under appreciated. I always try to help out at the local schools and contribute during fundraisers.

The days of older teachers being as old as your grandparents seem to be over. Most teachers range from late 20s to 40s. Makes it hard to look at the teachers as a superior and see them more as an equal who is available for more things than just teaching kids.

The good folks over at Lifeselector have came out with a new video guaranteed to make you cum. The debut of English Teacher For Milf’s is bringing the fantasy of being a teacher to life. This video isn’t made in 3d or vr but it is interactive so you get to choose the outcome. Become the teacher and finally get rewarded for all of the hard work that you do.

English Teacher For Milf’s

Story highlights:

You are the most popular and expensive private English teacher. Wealthy and busy men need your service as a responsible mentor for their precious investments: their wives. These rich and bored MILFs need your help to acquire a little English knowledge… but they also want to have fun. Get ready to teach and entertain these bored housewives on a high level.

Get ready to really enjoy your job with the beautiful women Amirah AdaraDominica FoxDaphne KlydeTiffany Rousso. Let the kids go back to school while you enjoy being the new english teacher to some beautiful women over at

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