Want To Cuddle With A BBW Sex Doll

Here in America sex dolls are still a little taboo while other countries such as Japan and China have embraced sexuality. Prime time television and game shows in other countries depict sex in all different forms while here in America we still frown upon sex and anything related to it as a bad thing. I for one am a pervert. I say that in the nicest way. Not a creepy pervert but I not only enjoy I live for it. It is my drug of choice, but I use responsibly.…

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VR Dildonics and toys 

Even Sex Dolls Need A Break

We have waited so long for technology to reach these pinnacles and just like little kids with a new toy it seems that we aren’t able to handle it. The new sex doll Samantha that was displayed recently in Austria at an electronics fair had to be fixed after attendees got a little too hands on with the doll. The doll that costs roughly $4015 in US dollars is not an expensive price tag for what the doll is supposed to be offer. A normal sex doll runs between $2000…

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Lovense Max
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