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Valentine’s Day Is All About Couples and Toys

Valentine’s day is all about shacking up with your boo, your bae or whatever you call your significant other. After all of the sweet wining and dining everyone is trying to end up back home to shack up. If you don’t give your significant other or your date a good time you can bet that shacking up is out of the question and you will hear about it for some time to come. The days of just giving someone you liked a store bought card and a small shaped heart…

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Let’s Get To Swinging With Chathouse 3D

Chathouse 3D one of the staples in 3d porn game action has been adding some really great things to their site lately to enhance the fun. One of the newest add ons is the swinger update and the hyper beast update giving users the chance to customize your character even more. Being able to create your fantasies in any environment is an awesome thing to do. Being able to create your fantasies online and share them with others is even more awesome. With the invention of the internet people are…

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Wankz Vr Now Has Teledildonic Support

Let’s start off by saying it is about time. Everyday there are more vr porn websites being added to the list. I’m a little behind on keeping it updated. Not many of those sites offer teledildonic support. Wankz vr has finally made the leap and added teledildonic support. I am glad that they have. Wankz vr has some of the best vr porn videos around. While most sites find it hard to reach 30 minutes with their videos wankz has averaged 60 minutes plus and just recently added a 90…

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