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One Step Closer To Touch In Vr?

Virtual reality is a great invention that lets us experience sound and visual impressions – yet it completely lacks the feeling of touch! TACTAI company decided to change that and created the world’s first engine for wearable devices and touch screens that enables users to touch, feel and interact with virtual objects with life-like realism.

TACTAI’s invention could possibly lead to a new generation of VR goggles offering a brand new level of immersion in VR porn and games! This may be a great change for the VR Porn world – possibility of experiencing porn in virtual reality not only with your eyes and ears, but also with your touch is a true technological revolution!

“We want our interactions to be empowered in a unique way by bringing a rich sense of touch into the digital world,” said CEO and co-founder of TACTAI, Steven Domenikos.

This technology is still in its prototype stage and the company is looking for the partners to bring such products to the VR market ASAP. Domenikos believes that this technology could be used in many devices like smartphones, tablets using pens and VR hand controllers.

Above video shows one of the possible uses of such technology – presented device lets you experience the structure of everything that the pen is touching with your own skin. It can also give you the feeling of pressure and counter pressure, temperature, softness, hardness, smoothness, curvature, and texture as you do in the real world. TACTAI engineers have created algorithms to replay fine patterns, softness, textures, pressure, heat, cold, friction, and other sensations in a finger-sized device.

One day this could even lead to a feeling of taste or smell, which all together will make your digital world experiencing much richer. “VR is interesting even without touch, but with it, it may actually get compelling,” Domenikos said. “The better the equipment, the deeper the immersion level.”

Partners of the company are already receiving the software and appropriate reference hardware, that can serve as the foundation for their future products.

“Software is the most important factor here,” he said. “We also need to think about the real-time movements of the user – if he’ll press it harder or softer, then it should all feel different!”

For now Domenikos said that his immersive VR technology could cooperate with gaming, e-commerce, training film and education companies – for example, they’ve already worked with Sony to create a mobile device for CES tech trade show in Las Vegas. Fortunately for us, he doesn’t exclude the future cooperation with VR Porn companies.

Domenikos’ ultimate goal is to create a device allowing to feel the shared VR experience like playing a multiplayer game with a friend or even having sex with your partner on the other side of the world.

TACTAI company is relatively small and young – it was started by him and his co-founder Katherine Kuchenbecker, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, in 2014, and they formally incorporated in January 2016 and their company has about 15 employees and contractors in the Boston area and Montreal.

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