Oculus Quest Will Give You A Great Workout

The first question to ask is does workng out in virtual reality really count as a workout? You do not use any weights when you are so called working out in virtual reality so can it really be effective? Compared to going to the gym or doing p90x videos working out in virtual reality will not get you shredded but you will still feel a burn. Just like walking or jogging everyday can make a difference the games used in virtual reality can make a difference for your body as well.

The simplest of games for the Oculus Quest 2 is Beat Saber which is a glorified remix of rock band in virtual reality. Beat saber is effective in getting in a cardio workout when trying to hit all of the targets. Something that is an indirect plus to just playing any game in virtual reality is that you are standing and using your arms. Even playing roller coaster games or hanging out wit zombies will get you in better shape since you are up on your feet and moving.

A popular game that me and the kids really love is Creed. Creed is the spinoff of the Rocky series movies and the game allows you to fight greats new and old like Rocky himself. Playing any of the fitness apps on Oclulus are not going to give you the Zumba class burn or hip hop abs workout but try going 12 rounds with old school Rocky in Creed and you know your body will tell you that worked out.

There is a great old school style fighting game for the still young at heart crowd that you can download for the Oculus Quest that will make you feel like you are playing Double Dragon in real life. Path of the warrior lets you fight your way through the low level bad guys until you get to the big boss at the end of the level that will definitely keep you sweating and swinging.

When you head over to the Oculus store you will find tons of games to download to keep you busy for a while. 20 minutes a day of playing in virtual reality can have you burning 200 900 calories depending on what game you are playing. A nice feature of the workout specific games like Fit XR and Supernatural keep track of your workouts and progress as well. If you are looking for fun things to do by yourself or with other people working out in virtual reallty will get you healthy and keep you entertained for hours on end. Let’s hope there isn’t another pandemic soon to keep us locked in the house, but if you are in the house you can count on the Oculus Quest to keep your mind and body in shape.