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Let’s Get To Swinging With Chathouse 3D

Chathouse 3D one of the staples in 3d porn game action has been adding some really great things to their site lately to enhance the fun. One of the newest add ons is the swinger update and the hyper beast update giving users the chance to customize your character even more.

Being able to create your fantasies in any environment is an awesome thing to do. Being able to create your fantasies online and share them with others is even more awesome. With the invention of the internet people are now able to find others to match their fantasies with and Chathouse 3D really wants to cater to the ever expanding open minded sex thinkers. Long gone are the days of one on one partnerships that have been the status quo for so long. Everyday more and more people are opening up to the idea of having sex with more than one partner. Unfortunately that idea is still not as open in real life so for a lot of people the internet is the place to explore this idea.

The Chathouse 3D swinger update is just what we all have been waiting for to make the gameplay even better. Once you have figured out how to interact and explore your environment any newcomer will be able to truly enjoy themselves for hours on end at Chathouse 3D. The escort update came out a bit ago so getting started with the swinger update in a sense could be a pretty easy thing to do if you utilize an escort.

Get ready to have hours and hours of fun with multiple partners in exciting new clothes with the hyperbeast update. Chathouse 3D has introduced some new and original streetstyle outfits for your characters. The new styles include leather jackets, biker jeans, jumpsuits, a hoodie and ripped jeans for the ladies and for the guys they have a bomber jacket combo with a long shaped tee included and a pair of ripped jeans. Especially for the sneakerheads there are some real grails for you as well, a pair of mid-cut classic sneakers and wedge sneakers for the girls and for the boys there are a pair of high-top sneakers in a modern minimalist style in different colorways. 

Let’s not forgot one of the great things about Chathouse 3D is that it can be connected to your sex toys to add even more fun and more pleasure to your experience. With the introduction of the new Kiiroo Onyx 2 not too long ago you can take your swinging parties to the next level. You can even get in on the fun with the vstroker attachment on the back of your fleshlight.

Hopefully this year is full of even more great roll outs for 3d sex games but for now we have Chathouse 3D keeping things rolling and interesting. Head over there now and get in on all of the fun that these new add ons include. Happy swinging to you.

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