Best Bed Under $1000

Be Comfortable During Your Next Vr Session

I love watching porn as much as I love having sex. If it was up to me I would stay home all day and do both. Come to think about that is what I get to do. Stay at home all day to watch porn and have sex. Just as important as finding the right video to watch is finding the right spot to enjoy your porn. A benefit of watching porn as an adult is that you don’t have to hide in uncomfortable places to enjoy it.

For the majority of vr porn watchers without an Htc Vive or Oculus Rift the bed is the place to be to watch porn. Finding the right bed to sleep on is important but finding the right one to enjoy your porn is also important. If you have had to shop for a mattress anytime lately you know they can be expensive. Not only expensive but you only get to test it out at the store.

My latest find in scouring the net to share with everyone is my new Nectar mattress. The difference this mattress has made for my sleep has been phenomenal. I do a lot of my writing on the bed so a comfortable mattress is important to me. There is also a lot of porn watching being done on the bed so my bed is a very important piece of furniture to me.

I live in an area where Serta mattresses are made and have a lot of friends and associates who work there. We just switched from a very expensive Serta mattress to our new Nectar mattress. The price difference in itself was shocking but to receive such a great mattress at such a price really was shocking. There was a lot of research done on my behalf before making the final decision to go with Nectar. The research that has been put into the mattress itself is amazing.

When it comes to finding the right genre and scene to watch when it comes to porn takes a while for me. The selection process and the mood that I am in makes a big difference when it comes down to the final selection. Finding the right mattress for my next vr porn session took a lot of time and I truly believe that I made the right decision. If for some reason I am not satisfied I get to use the Nectar mattress for 365 days before the decision is final.

On most days I like to take my time and enjoy my vr porn experience. Set the mood first  and then really get into the movie. Some days I don’t have the time for the best experience and  just need to get one off soon. Speaking of time it only took 3 days for me to receive my new mattress once I did order it. A pretty quick turn around for something so big. I’m not a prime member so my Amazon orders take a lot longer than that to receive.

There is so much to say about this Nectar mattress that I could write all day. If you are looking to improve your mattress experience this is it. You will definitely be comfortable during your next vr session if you go with a Nectar mattress.

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Best Bed Under $1000
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