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Christy Mack Is Still Sexy As Hell and Life Selector Has Her

If you are new to porn then you don’t know who she is. Those of us who have been watching porn for a while not only know who she is but also love her as well. Christy Mack has been gracing the screen of the porn industry since 2012 and has quickly rose to the top of peoples favorites list fast.

Moving into the vr porn world was a plus for Christy Mack and the fans followed right behind her. She is such a favorite that she has her own fleshlight featured in the fleshlight girls. When you don’t have the time or don’t want to visit the strip club you can always get a lap dance in virtual reality by Christy Mack when you visit

When it comes to watching porn imagination is key to truly enjoying your experience. That’s why the interactive video at featuring Christy Mack is just what we all needed to get closer to her.

She is wild, reckless and passionate,,, she is a natural born rebel and a self-made bitch in the best possible meaning of the word. She is Christy Mack and she visits your home (both in fantasy and reality) to give your cock the attention only she can give. If you like them crazy, if you love them hot, then Christy is the girl for you. Don’t take our word for it, try her yourself.

You finally get the chance to spend the day with the one and only Christy Mack and have her do whatever you want her to. This experience is like no other and we can only say thank you to life selector so many times for giving us this experience of a lifetime. Take the time to spend the day with one of the best to ever grace the porn screen Christy Mack over at and you will really love what interactive porn can do for you.

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