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Alexis Crystal Dominates VR Porn

Standing at 5’5″ Alexis Crystal is a still a dominating figure in the world of virtual reality porn. She has already been a dominate and compelling figure in regular porn  in her short career. With 49 vr porn scenes under her belt no one is close to catching her. With the abundance of vr porn sites available  and popping up everyday it might be hard to find the reigning champ of vr porn currently. Alexis Crystal starting making porn in 2011 when she was a fresh faced teen and her…

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VR 3D sex and porn 

Hot Sexy Latinas In VR Just For You

We all know that women of Latina decent are some of the most beautiful creatures ever created. There is no denying that they ooze sexiness and are women to truly be desired. When it comes to regular porn there is no shortage of beauties to be found. Even though vr porn is still in it’s infant phase and has some years to still grow it is nice that someone has finally dedicated a website to the lovely Latina women that vr porn really needed. There are still some gaps when…

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Want To Cuddle With A BBW Sex Doll

Here in America sex dolls are still a little taboo while other countries such as Japan and China have embraced sexuality. Prime time television and game shows in other countries depict sex in all different forms while here in America we still frown upon sex and anything related to it as a bad thing. I for one am a pervert. I say that in the nicest way. Not a creepy pervert but I not only enjoy I live for it. It is my drug of choice, but I use responsibly.…

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