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Prime Porn List will guide you through the labyrinth of VR Porn

Most of you know by now that the future of porn is in virtual reality. Instead of using your smartphone or computer screen, you can now put a headset on and experience porn like never before. From 180 to 360-degree views, 4K quality, and 3D sound, to head tracking, you get to be face to face with your favorite pornstars and a bevy of other babes. However, finding the right virtual reality porn websites can be tricky sometimes and a waste of your precious time. That’s why i was stoked…

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Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Favorite Web Cam Star

The internet is has totally changed the way we live. The days of meeting and hanging out in person is a thing of the past and will soon be labeled as an old school thing to do. Even still living on the internet has been fully embraced by the general public and today’s generation. There is a majority of the population who are single today for various reasons do to jobs, family and so may things in between. But because of the internet there is no reason to spend Valentine’s…

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Virtual Reality Porn 

My Shemale Addiction Only Gets Worse

Let me start off by saying that I am a man who has only had sex with women my whole life. Love the female form and all that comes with it. I have always been passionate about pleasing the woman when it comes to being intimate. That hasn’t changed but Everyday while I work on this website I stumble upon more and more things that pushes me further down the rabbit hole of fantasy and imagination. One of those things being the beautiful form of shemale and trans women. I…

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VR Dildonics and toys 

Valentine’s Day Is All About Couples and Toys

Valentine’s day is all about shacking up with your boo, your bae or whatever you call your significant other. After all of the sweet wining and dining everyone is trying to end up back home to shack up. If you don’t give your significant other or your date a good time you can bet that shacking up is out of the question and you will hear about it for some time to come. The days of just giving someone you liked a store bought card and a small shaped heart…

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VR 3D sex and porn 

Live Out Your Fantasy With Free Adult Cartoons

Porn, porn, porn. Cartons, cartoons, cartoons. No matter what form it comes in I am addicted to sex. Walking through the grocery store or shopping at a department store sex is constantly on my mind, I have come to the conclusion that sex is the most thought about thing on my mind no matter what I am doing. To be honest I am ok with that and have come to embrace it. Many people in society still have traditional thoughts when it comes to sex and intimacy. Those of us…

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Best Bed Under $1000
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