Pornfox VR Brings Justice To VR Porn

When I was  a kid in order for me to see some porn I had to have an old beat up copy of a porn magazine stashed in the woods behind my house that got beat up by the weather or wait until everybody in the house fell asleep and watched cinemax movies. The cinemax movies came much later in life because back then we couldn’t afford cable. Fast forward and the internet is in almost every household through some form be it cell phones, laptops, or video games. I can definitely tell you that the internet today is a lot better than the old school dial up that was so amazing back in the hey days of AOL. When the internet first started there was such a great mode of advertising called pop ups. When ever you visited a website on the internet there they were, the pop ups […]

Red Light Center Is Your Online Getaway For 4 Play

If you spend enough time on the internet you eventually start to live on the internet. Not so far in the distant past there was no internet and people lived their lives outside and interacted face to face with people. All of that has passed and the new generation lives out their world in virtual places. Virtual communities and social sites have become such a big part of our society that every website you visit you have the option to sign in with your facebook account. Most people like to keep their social accounts private and only want to share things with family and friends. That is why virtual social communities are very important. You create an identity to live through in these worlds but the world is not only public personal and private to your true secret identity. The movement to live online is constantly growing and the sex […]