Celebrate 4/20 All Over Again

Watching vr porn is fantastic in itself since you get to virtually have sex with the actor. Having sex in itself is fantastic too. Doing both of those things while high on marijuana makes them even better. The people over at Naughty America VR is giving you another reason to blaze up and strap on your vr headset with their latest movie Wake and Bake starring Melissa Moore and Seth Gamble. Video overview: Holy smokes! Melissa Moore — your girlfriend, you lucky SOB! — is extra-smokin’ hot on this celebratory 4/20 in virtual reality! And it’s wakey-wakey, time-to-bakey for Melissa, which means her pussy’s gonna be all warm and tingly after a few hits, and there’s nothing more she wants than your big dick! And you don’t want to deny her that, so slip on your VR headset and get ready to slip into Melissa! She’ll smoke your cock so good […]

Lisa Ann Oh How Much We Adore You

If you don’t know who the very sexy Lisa Ann is you must have been living under a rock lately. She is such a star that she not only commands the screen in porn she is even a director. There are plenty of  websites out that hosts this beauty showcasing how fantastic she is in action. For the fans looking to get a little closer on the action with the lovely Lisa Ann, fleshlight has their very own specially made Lisa Ann fleshlight to keep you company while you watch her in action in all of your favorite porn movies. The vstroker attachment for the fleshlight makes this Lisa Ann experience even better when you add that to the mix. With the vstroker attachment you to get to become the director and control every stroke that happens. If you head over to the vstroker store you could acquire specially made videos […]

Fleshlight Launch Back In Stock

The virtual sex toy industry is exploding and the views of virtual reality porn videos go up by the second. When fleshlight introduced the fleshlight launch it flew off the shelves like it was the 90’s and they were beanie babies. The fleshlight launch is still one of the bigger vr sex toys out but it can be used with most fleshlights out. Every fleshlight can be customized to your own liking so the possibilities of your virtual sex experience can be whatever you want to make it. If you missed your chance to get your fleshlight launch the first time you definitely want to head over right now and get you one. While you are over there don’t be afraid to check out some of the fleshlights made for the fleshlight girls like Lisa Ann one of the hottest vr porn stars around or get you one of the […]

Milf VR Is Keeping Virtual Reality Porn Rolling

We have all been there. You’re walking down the street or driving just minding your own business and out of nowhere comes a beautiful woman that captures your attention. You try not to look but instinct kicks in and you are admiring her beauty and wondering what it would be like to watch her undress slowly. You have tried plenty of time not to look and think this way but it just seems to come natural. Let’s give a round of applause to Milfvr.com for giving us the guilty pleasure we so deserve. A website dedicated to having sex with hot, sexy women who aren’t teens but aged to perfection and beauty shines so bright. Milfvr.com is brought to you by the studio Wankzvr.com. Wankz is expanding their virtual reality empire to include this wonderful site of milfs that will definitely satisfy the hunger to have sex with beautiful aged […]

Virtualrealamateur.com Bringing Amateur VR Porn To Life

If you’re reading this you probably like porn as much as I do or even more. Porn just continues to get better with the introduction of vr porn. Everyday  is an exciting day for me to know that ve porn is expanding and getting bigger by the minute. Virtual reality porn is expanding into all genres just like regular porn it’s just taking a little while longer for all of the studios to get there. Virtual Real Porn one of the original studios for virtual reality porn continues to be a fore runner in expanding the world of vr porn. Virtualrealporn.com used to be oculusrealporn.com but since the name change they have continued to expand their reach. Under their umbrella they have virtualrealgay.com which is all gay vr porn videos, virtualrealtrans.com which is all transsexual vr porn videos and virtualrealpassion.com which is a female point of view vr porn site. Starting today they are introducing their latest venture virtualrealamateur.com. Sometimes you […]

Assassin’s Breed Is Way Better Than Assassin’s Creed Movie

When a new movie comes out the porn industry always makes a parody to go with it. These parodies often times are really great to watch since you can satisfy your fantasies of having sex with the characters through the videos. VR Cosplay X has come out with a new video that will really get the blood flowing. The cosplay genre is growing everyday along with virtual reality so the VR Cosplay X website is a must for everyone. Assassins Breed is a parody on Assassins Creed that was just recently released on home video for blu ray, dvd and digital format. Jade Presley is the star of the video and she plays the scene very well. Most vr porn videos are between 15 and 20 minutes but this video comes in at 30 minutes of pure action. Video details:     You’ve been captured and are being kept in […]

Yanks VR – All Women VR Porn Filmed By Women

The Oculus Rift just made their one year anniversary of their official release to the public and we couldn’t be more excited. The virtual reality world continues to grow everyday and with it the world of virtual reality porn continues to grow as well. Porn in itself has opened many doors to everyone and technology such as the internet has paved the way for lots of people not only to enjoy porn but to capitalize on it’s success as well. Yanks VR is a very nice and welcoming site to world of virtual reality porn. All of the videos at Yanks VR have just women starring in them and everyone of them is filmed by women as well. Women being filmed while women are watching. Sounds exciting just to say it. One of the videos over at Yanks VR won an AVN in 2017 for best VR scene. Here is […]