Brian Shuster Brings HOLOGIRLS to life!

HoloGirls Girls with Logo

Remember that #GivePornAHand campaign that everybody was talking about a few months back? You know, the one where Vancouverite (and CEO of Utherverse) Brian Shuster attempted to spark an industry wide crusade to utilize VR Porn (synonymized as “Syntholograms”, “Holographic Video” and “Interactive Holographic Avatar Sex”) in part as a method for copy-protecting porn content (and providing meaningful Adult VR entertainment)? Well, the company has made good on at least one of those promises so far with the release of and if having decades of experience in the porn business is an attribution to the quality of their new, more virtual offerings, it shows! With a handful of videos on the site since they first launched last weekend, the company plans to release 2-4 new videos each week, which would be at a similar rate to the perhaps more well-known VirtualRealPorn and Naughty America schedules. At the moment, not […]