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Brian Shuster Brings HOLOGIRLS to life!

Remember that #GivePornAHand campaign that everybody was talking about a few months back? You know, the one where Vancouverite (and CEO of Utherverse) Brian Shuster attempted to spark an industry wide crusade to utilize VR Porn (synonymized as “Syntholograms”, “Holographic Video” and “Interactive Holographic Avatar Sex”) in part as a method for copy-protecting porn content (and providing meaningful Adult VR entertainment)? Well, the company has made good on at least one of those promises so far with the release of HOLOGIRLSVR.com and if having decades of experience in the porn…

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Will Resident Evil 7 be too scary in VR?

Horror games are an immensely popular genre that tons of people love and enjoy, however, people with certain health problems that may be exacerbated by stressful situations, like high blood pressure, may be recommended to avoid them. What will happen when we take the immersion to a whole new level and put them into VR? I mean, VR Porn can’t get too sexy, but can certain virtual reality horror games be too scary for people? Will VR horror games be unsafe to play due to health issues, and are we…

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VR Dildonics and toys 

VR Porn without Teledildonics is like being a guy without a dick.

In all of the last couple of years that I have been reviewing and enjoying various types of VR Porn, I have, for the most part, not really thought much or cared much about whether or not I was fapping away solo with my hand (as per the usual method) or utilizing some sort of masturbatory aid (sex toy) to give my hand a… hand. While I have spent a good deal of time writing about a few of the better teledildonic devices (long distance haptic sex toys for the…

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It's all about the benjamins Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games 

Will the price of the consumer Rift effect VR Porn?

Well yesterday was one heck of a doozy. Not only were we all filled with excitement from the pre-order store for the consumer Oculus Rift finally going live, but Oculus’ $599 US dollar announcement was the big deal that was on most peoples minds. Not a small bit of cash by any means, it is hard to say at this point whether or not the high price tag will stop many people who previously wanted the Rift from getting one, but it seems pretty obvious that it is going to be…

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