VR Porn still has it’s legs open for business.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s been a great year for Virtual Reality!  A couple of scares along the way (this reddit post in particular, and this one that clears it up) but for the most part it’s been pretty smooth sailing! Oculus is now officially owned by Mr. Zuckerberg and with that acquisition finalized I must admit there was some serious apprehension out there on the interwebz about what exactly that would bode for the future of VR Porn, and rightfully so; but now that the…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games 

Using 3rd Party Drivers to play porn games in the Rift

So we’ve chatted about how to use 3rd party programs to view regular 2d porn in the Rift, but how about using 3rd party programs to play unsupported 3d porn games in the Rift? Enter Tridef Experimental Rift support. You may recognize the name Tridef or DDD as these guys have been making stereoscopic drivers and monitors for a very long time indeed, so you can trust that they have the experience needed to make things work; originally founded in Perth, Australia in the early 90’s, they went through extensive R&D…

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VR 3D sex and porn 

VR Porn – all aboard the hype train!

There are a number of different reasons why viewing pornography through a VR headset is gaining in popularity amongst those who are lucky enough to have such a device. Perhaps one of the most obvious is that the Oculus Rift has been proving itself particularly useful in uplifting a user’s experience who wishes to go through a new kind of a sexual experience; and in this day and age of rehashed and reused everything, a new experience is a welcome thing indeed. One of the best things viewing porn in virtual reality allows us, is providing the…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games 

OculusRealPorn.com – Summer Sex Update!

So, although we’ve talked about them a little here and there lately, it’s been quite a while since we’ve taken a good look at OculusRealPorn.com so I think it’s about time you all got an update as to what they’ve been up to. As I’m sure that many of you already know, the popular website is no longer limited to 120° videos anymore; there is now a growing number of 180° videos allowing you a much more immersive experience with the ability to look around a considerable degree more; and…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games VR 3D sex and porn 

DK2 Arrival Imminent! – Why so cold VR Porn devs??

So, here we are; the long awaited month when Oculus Rift development 2 shipping begins!  But something is missing!  Things are definitely getting a little cold in the world of virtual reality porn. We know the niche is young and things are still just getting started, but is there really so little going on in the world of it’s development? Are would be developers perhaps worried about the possible backlash that an immersive erotic game may bring?  Are they concerned that the world may not yet be ready for the awesomeness…

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Oculus Rift Porn and Sex Games Uncategorized VR 3D sex and porn 

Here for a good time.

It’s been a great almost 2 years in the world of Virtual Reality porn (it got invented!). We’ve seen such great startups as OculusRealPorn.com go from having just a video or two, to being the host of close to 20 made-for-vr adult entertainment beauties.  We’ve watched the awesome massively-multiplayer and highly arousing 3DXChat game go from a humble announcement that they are building in Oculus Rift support, to seeing it through to reality and giving us all a place to call our horny home away from home.  We’ve watched teledildonics go…

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