Wet Dreams may Cum – What will they think of next?

Of all the different ideas we do or don’t think about when it comes to the world of VR Porn and teledildonics, it is what kind of different teledildonic/haptic devices we can actually manage to invent.  I’m certain there must be many ideas out there aside from the regular fare, and so far we are seemingly limited to long distance mutual masturbation devices; but wouldn’t it be nice if there were ways to enjoy other forms of stimulation across distances?  like cunnilingus perhaps, or even a blowjob!  i can’t help but think there must be a lot of unthought of applications that we aren’t thinking about here that could lead to another revolution in the way we look at porn/sex. Although things are definitely taking off in the world of vr porn, it would be nice if developers would begin to think even more outside of the box than they already are; […]