Infinite Realities- possibly the most realistic virtual sex, the Oculus Rift and technology that will blow you away

Infinite Realities is one of the most dynamic 3D scanning companies that is on another level in the virtual reality world. They specialize in scans- full body, facial and ‘FACS’ (full range emotions shown through facial rigging). Lee Perry-Smith, the Director of Infinite Realities which is based in the UK, is the leading 3D modelling and scanning specialist in the world. Perry-Smith has shown the unprecedented ability to capture the utmost detail of scanned human models. The ability to show true imperfections in the models, everything from a scar, to a mole, to strands of hair which is what really creates a virtual reality scenario that is as close to reality as there currently is out there. The demos show the immaculate detail that has already been created. The ability to experience and view the scans when using the Oculus Rift really gives one of the best views into the […]