Why Shouldn’t Nerds Experience Great Sex – My Conversation with an Girl

I had a conversation with a girl the other day that completely frustrated me. She keep describing the idea of virtual reality sex (or porn) as completely disgusting and inappropriate. Judge for yourself, but this how the conversation went (I’m paraphrasing from memory): Me: Have you heard of Oculus Rift? Girl: No, what’s that? Me: It’s a new virtual reality device that allows you to play games in a virtual world, also great for simulated sex. Girl: That’s nasty! Me: What’s so nasty about that? Girl: Anyone using virtual reality to “get off” is sick. Me: How the hell does this make someone sick. Not everyone has a partner and for some people it’s not that easy to find someone to be with. They still have the same needs as everyone else, just not the same ability to find someone that is attracted to them. Girl: So that makes it […]

7 Male Sex Toys Perfect for the Oculus Rift

The marriage between virtual reality and simulated sex are almost here. With Oculus Rift Development kits now scattered along around with the world in the capable hands of talented developers the future of online porn is near. It’s not only going to take a fully virtual graphical world to fulfill this end, it will also require some great hardware to truly complete the sexual experience. This is where a company like KanojoToys.com comes in. This company sells (among other things) male masturbation toys that take very little manual control, which is exactly what you’ll need in the future to truly experience sex games with devices like Oculus Rift. I’ve browsed around the site and here are 10 Make Sex Toys that will be perfect for devices like Oculus Rift: A10 Piston Robotic Masturbator I won’t go on too much about this product because one of our writers wrote a full […]